What We Do

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Our Mission


To serve best Service to our client in specified time limit at effective cost.



We will supply you with samples, quotes and product lead-in times to meet your required specification, or offer a range of alternative product options to meet your project constraints. We are also able to provide product installation guides and technical details, to enable a successful product installation.


Client Consultation


We provide trusted consultation on external building materials throughout the design process, providing project images where products have been used on previous schemes and samples to assist in the planning application process and ultimately gain client approval. We are then on hand to provide technical data for the specification of the materials as part of the overall wall build up and collaborate with the appointed contractor to ensure that the product is supplied to meet the material specification.

Specialization in Planning, design & executing of

Oriana is specialized in the fields of Design and Fabrication elements of Glass & Aluminium Architectural Systems, with the core products are as follow:

Curtain Wall

A curtain wall system is a lightweight exterior cladding, curtain  wall system out performs  conventional system, which is hung on the building structure, usually from floor to floor the system provides a leak-free performance by not allowing water or air to enter the system. This system also offers economic and quality control advantages by eliminating blind intersection joints seals. it can provide a variety of exterior appearances but is characterized by narrowly spaced vertical and horizontal caps with glass or metal in fill panels. They are also designed to accommodate  structural deflections, control  wind-driven rain and air leakage, minimize the effects of solar radiations  and provide  for maintenance-free long term performance. Curtain wall systems are a good example of building science principles applied to wall design, it may be useful to review some basic principles through the details of typical curtain wall system.

Semi-unitized Glazing

Structural glazing systems incorporating spacers and adhesives are now a widely  accepted option and are used in a growing share of curtain  wall, window and storefront installations, structural glazing with  silicone is an even more specialized job which allows perfectly uniform large glazed surface, not interrupted by traditional frames or any other supporting or fitting system projecting out of the panel of the glass, instead of being fitted in frame. The glass is fixed on its support  by means of a silicone sealant along the edges of the internal surface. This technique can be used with almost any types of glass, including DGU unit. The product allows flexibility in board architectural designs, increasing the thermal efficiency of building. Moreover, it reduced or eliminates the access of the water and air.

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP Cladding)

Aluminium composite panel {ACP) also aluminium composite material, {ACM) is a type of flat panel that consists of two thin aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core. ACPs are frequently used for external cladding or facades of buildings, insulation and signage. Key features of this product include; attractive designs, durability, longevity, smooth surface, high tolerance and easy installation. It reduces frame load and installations cost. It can be bent, cut, drilled & stamped by the use of improved machinery.

Suspended Glazing (Spider Fitting)

SPIDER GLASS is a complete  system for bolted glass structures. The complete  package includes the glass, fixings, fasteners and SPIDER brackets for connection to the framework or structure which secures the glazing to a support  structure by means of articulated point­ fixings. SPIDER GLASS combines  lightness  of  visible  structure, safety  and high performance to  produce  flush, transparent all-glass assemblies. SPIDER GLASS is available as monolithic single-glazing, laminated single-glazing or as double-glazing, double-glazed units. The operating principle behind SPIDER GLASS relies on the articulated bolts absorbing forces caused by the self- weight of the glazing and wind loads.

Dry Cladding (Stone Cladding)

We are the professional in cladding  system, as we reinstate  the dry stone cladding, Dry stone cladding helps you to preserve  your all valuable floors and walls in a proper maintenance way that can extend the life of the tiles and marbles. Our services are cost effective and durable. These cladding prevent the premises from the rains, solar radiation and wind. Our firm provide its clients with installation services as per the requirements of the client.  These help resist the  actions of  wind  driven  rains, air  and solar radiation. Furthermore  will accomplish the demands that you really dreamt of.

Aluminium Windows & Doors

We offer an exclusive range of aluminium windows & doors to a large number of clients in the market. These products  are available in variety of sizes and design options at the most affordable prices. Use of high quality powder coating and anodize on this products provides them a durable and corrosion resistant  life. Glass like tinted, double  glass unit  & laminate glass can be used to full fill your high end requirements. Our clients can avail these astonishing sliding doors in multiple designs and sizes and in two track to multi tracks. Advanced locking systems are equipped inside, which helps in keeping the dust away and proper protection from water drainage, extreme sunlight and dust.

Unitized Glazing

Aluminium Glass Railings are an ideal solution for Balconies, Stairs, & Building enclosure for high architectural standards, offering an impressive & functional result with Seamless View.